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November 2019

Summer of Love Revisted and and Edinger Beer Hall

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As I was walking around on Unter den Linden, which was once a royal bridle path linking the King's town residence (the Stratdtschloss) in the 1700’s to downtown Berlin I came across some cool buildings and museums to check out. As I was bumming around, I came across this "Summer of Love" art exhibit that looked like it could interesting. So, I paid my 7 euros to check it out and I must admit, I was not overly impressed with this exhibit. However, I also did not really have much of an "expectation" either. I just saw the sign and said, “ah why not." The one cool thing they had was the "Rock and Roll", "Rock-N- Roll" and just plan "Rock" Posters from that era (I will not bore you with the exact definitions of these three types of rock. (I do not feel like hashing out the differences, as I once did on a long road trip to Ohio.) I figured at this art exhibit I would, at the least, see some cool psychedelic posters and I was not disappointed. However, that was sort of the high-water mark for the 1960's retrospective. I mean they had some other things but generally it was a bit sparse and the curators really did not "cover" or give you a real sense of what was going on in that year of 1967. So, I took some photos of the highlights.

After going to this Museum, I then headed to Edinger Beer Hall, one of many beer halls that I went to for a hearty German meal and some good German Beer. I love German food because it’s so hearty and tastes so good. They rely heavily on pork as a main dish. I really enjoyed the Edinger Beer Hall. It was a spacious high ceiling beer hall that also had a nice place to sit out on the main square that overlooked some amazing buildings in the Gendarmarket.


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Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin

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Taking the train back to Dresden was a lot easier than getting to Dresden but there were still a few hick ups. Instead of dropping me off at my proper destination in downtown Berlin, the train dropped me off at another train station to which I had no idea where it was on the map. I thought I had another stop to go, when all of a sudden, the conductors were kicking everyone off the train at some other Berlin station, I was a little panicked. So now that I was stranded at some random train station it took me a while to figure out where exactly I was. I more less just bought a ticket and hopped on the transit system and hoped for the best. I got lucky because the train I took was heading downtown in the direction I wanted to go. Plus it was easer to find the station on my map once I figured out my future stops on that line.DSC06488.JPGDSC06486.JPGDSC06487.JPGDSC06489.JPGDSC06490.JPGDSC06491.JPGDSC06492.JPGDSC06493.JPG93845c30-ff5c-11e9-a7a8-4f0577f55c05.JPGDSC06398.JPGDSC06497.JPGDSC06496.JPGDSC06495.JPG9c083b10-ff5c-11e9-a7a8-4f0577f55c05.JPG

Once I found my hotel, I dropped my gear and went on a long "walk about" to Schloss Charlottenburg. Schloss Charlottenburg was about a six mile walk through the city on the other side of town in which I walked through Tiergarten. So I go a lot of exercise and got to see some pretty cool things along the way. Apparently, Schloss Charlottenburg was the summer residence for Sophie Charlotte, wife of Elector Friedrich III. Construction on the Palace began in 1695 with major extension in 1701, 1713 and 1740 and 1746. This Palace was pretty cool in general. It is obviously large and pretty ornate. Most of the rooms were pretty spectacular. I also really liked the Scholosspark that was situated behind the Palace. This park is a Baroque garden with rivers and lakes and even penned in sheep. There was even a smaller palace getaway on the other side of the garden called the Belvedere that was used as a summer residence which at one point served as a tea pavilion.

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